Employer Solutions

Stretching your benefit dollars further

We find the perfect combination of strategic plan design and affordability so small, mid-size and large employers may continue to attract and retain A-list employees with a competitive employee benefits package, all without sacrificing the health of the bottom line.

Customizing a program that is aligned with your culture, fits within your budget, minimizes compliance risks and reduces administration burdens is how we support your success. Depending on the size and health of your group, we’ll advise you of the best funding strategies and determine which plan design is an ideal match.

Our first priority is to implement an employee benefits package that evolves as your needs change and your business grows. Using a variety of analytics tools, we’ll work together with you to design a long-term strategy that works specifically for your company’s needs.

Advocates squarely in your corner

As an independent insurance agency, we represent your best interests with the insurance companies.

Attract A-list employees– Competitive benefit solutions that help you stand out
Simplify benefits– Trusted advisors who take the time to explain “insurance-ease”
Minimize risk– ACA experts to help you avoid healthcare reform pitfalls
Stabilize costs– A long-term strategy that doesn’t undermine your budget
Easy administration– Service professionals who help you focus on running your business, not insurance
Benefit Technology Solutions–Partners Benefit Group offers several technology systems in order to find the right system that can best meet the needs of our clients.

Dedicated insurance experts for employers of all sizes

Small Business

Small Businesses

Everything you need–nothing you don’t.

We design affordable and practical solutions to groups as small as five employees, while providing administration services that make offering benefits less time-consuming.

Mid Sized Companies

Mid-size and large employers

Unique benefit packages that keep you focused on growth.

Larger employers and those who are rapidly growing need benefits that attract top-notch employees and are flexible enough to evolve with your company.

Never a one-size-fits-all approach

How our proven process delivers the ideal employee benefits package for your business

Benefit Technology Solutions
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