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Providing progressive insurance solutions and administration services

Implementing a benefit plan that addresses your healthcare needs and maximizes your benefit dollars is our first priority. Whether you’re a large employer who is optimally suited for a self-funded solution, or a small business owner who needs an affordable program or a self-employed individual needing direction on which insurance company and plan best meets the needs of your family, our experienced insurance advisors can help you map the road to success.
In addition to providing a comprehensive suite of insurance products, we also provide employers with value-added administration services to ease the burden of offering a benefit package to employees. Our service team is available to answer questions for you and your employees, work through any claims issues or simply explain how the policy works. If you’re an individual needing insurance, your needs are unique as well. We’ll uncover the health, dental, disability and life insurance plan that is best for you.

You can count on Partners Benefit Group

Strategically advise and implement your ideal benefits package

Educate you on how to maximize your benefits investment

Ease insurance administration headaches to maximize participation

Provide best-practice information to keep you ahead of insurance trends

Share tools and resources that minimize compliance risks and benefit costs

Employer solutions

Employer solutions

Individual Solutions

Individual solutions