About Us

About our history

Partners Benefit Group firmly stands on the foundation of its predecessor, Life of the South, a company that earned its reputation of trust and reliability since its inception in 1983. In 2007, Partners Benefit Group was officially founded. Today, we remain committed to building solid client relationships by delivering progressive insurance solutions and exceeding expectations with best-in-class service.

While our name changed and we have grown, our team consists of seasoned insurance advisors who are committed to your success. Each of our agents, located in nine locations and 14 locations across Georgia, knows the complexities of insurance and healthcare reform. Our goal is to simplify the complicated. Both individuals and companies count on us to serve their insurance needs and provide a full suite of administration services to make managing insurance easier.

Always available to answer questions, we’re focused on providing clear explanations and custom solutions, whether serving a new client or managing an annual renewal. We look forward to serving you, too.

About our commitment to clients


Recognizing that all people make mistakes, we immediately take responsibility when the error is ours. We also know that we cannot be all things to all people, so we’ll be honest if we think we’re not the best solution. And, we’ll recommend another solution for you to explore.


Our clients deserve quick turnaround. We will strive to work within your timeline and be sensitive to your schedule. You can expect us to return telephone calls the same day or the next day at the latest.


Doing things from beginning to end is important. Always focused on a strategic approach, we review solutions that are appropriate for the current situation, while considering your long-term goals and needs. In today’s legal and legislative environment, we make sure your best interests are protected.


Insurance can be complicated, and our mission is to simplify it so that it’s more user-friendly. We want you to be well informed on all details of your insurance program including coverages, conditions and exclusions so you feel secure that you and the important people in your life are well insured.


To us, insurance is personal. We’re real people serving real people. When clients call, we recognize they may be dealing with a sensitive and difficult situation. Striving for empathy first, you can count us to help you navigate the insurance and claims process so that you can focus on being well.