Individual Solutions

Health insurance and benefits that do as intended – Care for your health

Serving self-employed, retired and other individuals in need of personal insurance solutions

While the Affordable Care Act continues to evolve, one thing is certain, buying personal health insurance is a must if you don’t have coverage through another source. And, while you’ll have several options to consider, no longer are the days when an individual would find a plan only to be turned down after underwriting or cancelled for high claims. Now you’re assured of coverage. 

We’ll help you choose between a “bronze”, “silver” or “gold” plan design depending on your healthcare needs, network preferences and budget. And, we’ll discuss adding complementary insurance programs such as dental, disability and life insurance to ensure you’re well protected so you can live life your way. 

Talk with our expert advisors about how we simplify the headaches of benefits administration, too. We’re just a phone call away when you have a question about your coverage, limits, deductibles, network access or claims. 

Also focused on responsible plan utilization, you’ll find we arm you with a variety of wellness tools and education about no-cost preventive care services included in your plan. 

Individual solutions: