The following human resource services are provided at no extra cost. If you are interested in making a change, we can become your broker and begin providing our signature services at any point during the year.

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Administrative Assistance

  • Assistance enrolling and deleting employees
  • Resolve billing and enrollment issues

Direct Employee Help

Employees may call us for help with:

  • Provider billing issues
  • Replacement ID cards
  • General benefit questions
  • Claim problems

Premium Savings, Benefit Analysis, & Open Enrollment Assistance

  • Analyze and review renewal options annually
  • Negotiate the best rates for your company
  • Prepare customized open enrollment materials
  • Provide onsite enrollment meetings and assistance

COBRA Compliance Services

  • Mail initial COBRA notifications
  • Mail qualifying event(s) and termination letters
  • Collect and track all COBRA payments
  • Answer all COBRA questions

Human Resource Policies and Practices

Complete access to our Human Resource Workplace

  • Assistance provided in evaluating your policies and practices for compliance with state and federal employment laws

Employee Benefit Website – 24/7 Access

  • Provide your employees with 24-7 access to benefits and forms

Employee Benefit Statements

  • Present to your employees the true cost and value of their benefit package – their hidden paycheck

Section 125 Premium-Only Plan Implementation

  • Provide customized documents, elections forms, and employee communication tools – everything to pretax employee health insurance deductions (results in tax savings for employer and employees)
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