Partners Benefit Group – Your Health Care Reform Partner

Will you be hit with penalties due to health care reform in 2014? In 2014 some employers may have to pay a penalty if their health plan doesn’t meet certain criteria. PBG can determine if your health plan will be considered affordable, if it provides minimum value, and if you could be affected by Health […]

Obama Wins Re-election: Health Care Reform Law Here to Stay

After hard-fought campaigns by both candidates, President Barack Obama has been re-elected for a second term in office. Obama’s victory in the election, along with last summer’s Supreme Court decision upholding the health care reform law, cements the Democratic Party’s dedication to the legislation. Click here to read the entire Legislative Brief

Dehydration: Know the signs and symptoms as the temperatures increase

June/July 2012 What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration? The body’s initial responses to dehydration are thirst to increase water intake, and decreased urine output to try to conserve water loss. The urine will become concentrated and more yellow in color. As the level of water loss increases, more symptoms can become apparent. The […]

Money Ranks Highest in Survey on Stress

April 2012 According to a recently released report from the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of Americans cite money as the main cause of their stress. The report, based on the findings of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the APA, found a decreasing number of participants reporting consistently high levels of […]