Wealthiest Medicare Beneficiaries Will Pay Larger Share of Medical Costs Starting in 2019

The Wall Street Journal (2/22, Tergesen, Subscription Publication) reports that beginning in 2019, Medicare beneficiaries with high incomes must pay a larger share of their medical costs. This article says this is another attempt to transfer more Medicare costs to the wealthiest seniors. The piece adds that as of next year, beneficiaries who have incomes […]

Sun Life: Client’s Stories

Sun Life has developed a series of testimonial videos to highlight how their products and their service help real people. Click the link below to hear these stories.  https://www.sunlifebrokervoices.com/c/al/65ocCGtgnek7jJyW8HC2Bv/6bdWPLNKgQT72Dd8uCwEbH

Trump Administration Aims to Reduce Regulatory Burden

The executive order does not require employers to take immediate action. However, employers should continue to monitor any developments that may affect their compliance with federal law in various areas, including banking, employment benefits, health, environmental protection, transportation and workplace safety. The Memorandum The memorandum (memo) directs federal agencies to place a freeze on any […]

Prescription Drug Trends

As prescription drug costs continue to increase, it is important for employers to understand the trends behind prescription drug costs and what they can do to better manage their health care expenses.

In 2013, the United States spent $329.2 billion on prescription drugs—eight times more than the $40.3 billion spent in 19901. Although prescription drug spending has historically been a small proportion of national health care spending compared to hospital and physician services, in recent years, it has grown rapidly.

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